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We are THE Contractor Advertising Platform that connects Recruiters with Contractors.  

As part of your sourcing strategy we will help you Source Contractors, Speed Up your Time To Fill and facilitate Sustainable Success within your business and importantly for YOUR clients.

We are integrated with BroadbeanidibuWizardsoftand MyRecruitment+ which means there is no additional effort to make use of this specialised and focused platform.

Through the ConnectCareers platform, recruiters and organisations that require specific capabilities are able to advertise the roles and connect directly with job seekers looking for their next contract opportunity.

Contractor Connection Hub

Over the last 7 years, the time it takes to fill an advertised contract position in Australia has increased by 50%. The team at ConnectCareers has identified the demand to provide clients with the services needed through a digital, highly accessible, and easy to use environment. The platform has been designed to be highly engaging for the candidate and recruiter.

Supported by an expert operational team and a strong board of advisors who bring over 30 years of proficiency in Recruitment, Human Resources, Marketing & Sales, Law and Psychology/Wellbeing, ConnectCareers is quickly being recognised as the platform of choice for contracting labour requirements.

ConnectCareers is also a supporter of the RCSA, APSCo, Independent Contractors Association and Corporate Charity provider to the Cancer Council of Australia.

ConnectCareers - RCSA Supporter    ConnectCareers - APSCo Affiliate Member    ConnectCareers - Self-Employed Australia    ConnectCareers - Cancer Council 

Key Statistics:

  • Australia now has the second highest percentage of contractors anywhere in the world with a 170% increase over the last three years.
  • Contract workers are expected to comprise of approximately 30% of the employment market in Australia by 2020.
  • New unfair protection laws are currently being created by the Australian Government to promote self-employment and contracting careers.
  • Approximately 1.3 million Australians identified as ‘independent contractors’ for their primary job.
  • While companies are set to benefit from reduced fixed costs and increased flexibility, a changing attitude among Australian employees is also driving the contingent workforce trend.
  • New technologies, changing demographics and the move to “knowledge work” will soon lead to an overhaul of Australian workplace arrangements. It is predicted this shift will be on par with the shift to mass production lines during the industrial revolution.

ConnectCareers is entirely complementary to contract providers (as opposed to a competitor) and we are confident that through an open and transparent relationship with both sides of the           contract job journey, true value will be achieved.​

ConnectCareers is part of the Connect Group Services (CGS) Positive Employment Eco-System (PeES) Portfolio for the supportive approach to securing work, upskilling capabilities, optimally managing our working life and mitigating burn out whilst maximising productivity and ensuring a positive approach to Mental and Physical Health.


As part of a quality and holistic approach to supporting Job Seekers, Connect Careers also works with a range of Job Board aggregators and service providers to ensure collectively the industry has the opportunty to leverage our networks. Key service providers Connect Careers works with are as follows:



ConnectCareers acknowledges the Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the first inhabitants of the nation and the traditional custodians of the lands where we live, learn and work.