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Meet Teisha!

Meet Teisha!

15 Feb 09:00 by Esmé James

Teisha Profile Picture

Meet Teisha. 

Since her early teens, Teisha has worked as a contractor, teaching dance to kids from the ages of five to eighteen. While pursuing her own passion for performing, Teisha found that she "just naturally fell into" this line of employment, working her way up from assisting in the classroom to teaching multiple classes herself. 

Many contractors believe that they maintain a far greater amount of control over their professional life than their permanent employee counterparts. 


"It is up to me how fast I progress as a teacher," Teisha states. "I have the ability to accept or decline work...[and decide] when I work and who I work for."

Working as a contractor also offers Teisha a sense of variability. As she notes, "it allows me to be creative, to work with a number of different people at all skill levels, and it also allows me to change where I work easily."

This ensures that Teisha never needs to feel bound to a singular working environment. As there is "always an option to try working at new schools," Teisha is able to modify her position and setting in a way that compliments her own changing lifestyle and needs. As a result of her constantly changing situation, Teisha finds that she is able to "gain more skills and] qualifications and extend [herself] as a teacher."





Additionally, Teisha's chosen form of employment enables her to ensure that her "life is not all about work" and she is able to undertake other pursuits which she enjoys. As her dance classes primarily take place at night, Teisha finds that she has "time during the day to do other hobbies and activities, such as sewing." 

Equally, Teisha is able to enjoy a large amount of holiday time, as the majority of her classes take place within the school term - with the exception of supporting her students through competitions. Though the fact that she "only gets paid for what [she] work[s]" comes with the benefit of ensuring she is reimbursed for all the time she puts in, it also allows for a period of absence during the holidays. However, due to her employment as a contractor, Teisha "[does] get more money" per hour than her full-time counterparts, which allow her to overcome this financial difficulty. 

While Teisha does not plan to stay in this profession indefinitely, she believes it to be of benefit to her past and present lifestyle. It has allowed her to undertake her studies, including the new course she will be beginning this year, while still maintaining an income. 

In this way, Teisha is able to maintain a healthy balance over all areas of her life, with plenty of time left to enjoy her home life with her partner and three furry friends, Cleopatra, Luna, and Poppy.