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Meeting The Hiring Manager as the Contractor of Choice

Meeting The Hiring Manager as the Contractor of Choice

30 Oct 16:00 by Anthony McCabe


Congrats! Your interview with your Recruiter is done and now you been asked to meet with the Hiring Manager from the company you’ll be contracting at. 

Succeeding in any interview is all about preparation so make sure you give yourself the best possible chance by knowing what to expect.. These 4 tips will give you that flying start!

1. Structure

Meeting the Hiring Manager can take a number of different forms. Whilst the interview with your Recruiter often follows a consistent structure, interviews with the Hiring Manger will entirely depend on the assessment needs and culture / style of the what’s needed.

Some companies have a relaxed approach where the interview is more about meeting the team you’ll be working with and determining cultural fit, others might delve into your history as deeply as possible looking into your work history to determine specific and appropriate skillsets. 

The key to success is to be flexible, thoroughly prepared and have examples from your own history in your own words. Of course it doesn’t hurt to also research as much as possible about the company you’re interviewing with.

2. Flatter the Hiring Manager

Spending time with the Hiring Manager, where possible using as much of the allocated time asking questions/getting to know them will show that you have the capacity to interact on a number of different levels which will endear yourself to all those you need to work with. Most people enjoy talking about themselves so don’t be afraid to ask questions which will showcase you as a genuine individual with an extra side not just one of professionality.

Enquire about the culture of the company, what they have achieved and how they have made impact on the performance of the company and those around them. This is a perfect opportunity to get an insider view of what it’s like to work there and how you can hit the ground running on day 1.


3. Behavioural Questions

Many companies tend to look at behavioural style questions when meeting with new Contractors. The outcome here is to determine how you might react in certain situations and that you’ll get on well with your peers and colleagues.

The best thing to do when these questions arise is to simply be yourself! It’s hard to prepare for questions like i.e. “what would you do if confronted with [type] of issue” or ‘How would you handle yourself if you became involved in a conflict concerning [type] related activity”

Remember there is no right or wrong answer – being yourself will ensure your responses will be genuine, authentic and professional. Your acceptance at this point will depend on what’s needs for the role as not every capability will fit every role needed in every company.


3. Technical Questions

Questions around your technical capability as part meeting with the Hiring Manager are much more in depth than what was asked with your Recruiter. This is mainly because the Hiring Manager knows in detail what they need to succeed and as such can afford to be picky. Remember the objective as part of your interview with your Recruiter was to assess your skill fit for the job, here the company/Hiring Manager is looking to confirm unquestionably that you have the right stuff to come on board.

It’s important that when asked questions that are targeted, be as specific and clear as possible, using examples from your own history and experience in your own words. We all have tendencies to sprinkle a little sugar from time to time (why ruin a good story with the truth!!) but be sure that your objective is to show your professionalism, enthusiasm and passion for what you do which will highlight that you are the right person for the job! 

4. Expectations

At this stage (fingers crossed) the Hiring Manger and you have had a great time together, you’ve clicked and your engagement is looking certain. Getting clarity on what the next steps are will ensure you can confidently plan your requirements to remove any obstacles and complexities meaning day 1 you are ready to go. Your availability and likely start date can be openly discussed however rates and any commercials should be discussed between the Hiring Manager and your Recruiter (unless of course you are representing yourself). Your professional self should always be on show at this stage as expectation setting and management is a key attribute of those who stand out above the rest.