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Esmé James

Esmé James
Content & Social Strategy Director

Esmé James is published author and freelance writer residing in Melbourne, Australia. By the age of twenty, Esmé has released two novels, Honeyflower and Pansy (2015) and The Awakening (2017), as well as various short-stories, poems and non-fiction articles.

In 2017, she was nominated for the ‘Fitzpatrick: Long-Form Fiction’ award, and has been a finalist for the Melbourne Arts Student’s Society’s ‘Creative Writing’ award for the past three years.

Completing her Bachelor of Arts in the same year, with a major in creative writing and literature, Esmé is now a graduate student at the University of Melbourne. 

Esmé joined the ConnectCareers team in 2017 and is actively contributing to the publication of information pieces supporting the value proposition of Contracting as a long term and viable employment type as well as providing strategic direction and content acorss ConnectCareres social channels. 





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