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The following Terms are applicable only where you are purchasing the specified product(s):

 Connect X, Limitless X, Limitless One

  1. Your purchase of Connect One, Connect X, Limitless X, Limitless One (singular or combination of) advertisement products does not have an expiry timeframe associated with it however it is the responsibility of the Advertiser to ensure all ads posted are valid, remain valid and are still open for active Recruitment.

  1. Limitless One and Limitless X are a no-lock in contract product. The monthly service charge is billed from the Invoice issuing date. The monthly service charge is based on automated regular payment via PayPal (credit card payment) or equivalent bank transfer.

  1. In consideration of the Services provided by the ConnectCareers the Buyer shall pay either a fixed fee which shall be agreed on a case by case basis and/or consultancy rates in accordance with the ConnectCareers standard charge rates which shall with the Buyer's agreement be revised periodically.

  1. In the event of the Buyer requiring Variations the Buyer shall pay the Seller at the agreed rates for making such provisions

  1. You may only post Advertisements to the Site that are in respect of a genuine employment opportunity that is current as at the time of posting the Advertisement, and for which you are currently recruiting. ConnectCareers reserves the right to request any information from you that it deems necessary to verify that a genuine employment opportunity exists.

  1. You may not post advertisements to the Site to any location outside of Australia without ConnectCareers's express written approval. ConnectCareers reserves the right to charge you our then applicable Limitless One cost for any advertisement posted to any such location in breach of this clause.

  1. You must ensure that advertisements posted to the Site are posted to the appropriate industry category of the Site. It is your responsibility to ensure that you familiarise yourself with the advertising requirements of each available industry category on the Site to ensure appropriate placement of advertisements.

  1. Advertisers acknowledge and agree that they must only advertise one job role per job advertisement posted on to the ConnectCareers Site. Where Advertisers have breached this obligation and have advertised multiple job roles in the one job advertisement, ConnectCareers reserves the right to charge the Advertiser for the number of job roles advertised in the one job advertisement posted on to the ConnectCareers Site.

  1. Advertisers must ensure that all information entered into any data entry field, as part of the advertisement classification process, relates directly to the relevant data field category. ConnectCareers reserves the right to amend, alter or remove any information that does not meet this requirement.

  1. ConnectCareers reserves the right and Advertisers must accept as a condition of advertising on the Site, ConnectCareers's right to re-classify advertisements posted to the Site, entitling ConnectCareers to withdraw advertisements from one category of its Site and to re-publish advertisements in another category on the Site.

  1. The following actions constitute a new/additional job advertisement:
    1. copying a job advertisement;
    2. reposting an archived or deleted job advertisement;
    3. posting advertisements on ConnectCareers via a bulk data import process or changing a job advertisement reference number. If you are using a bulk data import process, you must ensure that you understand the effect bulk data importing may have on Extending advertisements as ConnectCareers will count all new/additional job advertisements against your account and will invoice you accordingly.

  1. Changes to job advertisement body copy and advertisement title or location, work type, classification and sub-classification categories do not constitute a new job advertisement, regardless of the method used to post the advertisement.

Connect Search and ConnectCareers Candidates Profiles (Beta Access)

The Connect Search site allows advertiser to search, refine and connect with candidates via a candidate’s ConnectCareers Profile in relation to advertisements placed on the Site.

10.  A ConnectCareers Profile is created by a candidate and is a summary of information regarding their career and work history to which they may attach their resume.

11.  Your access to and use of Connect Search and information contained in ConnectCareers Profiles is governed by the ConnectCareers Search Terms and Conditions which can be viewed at: ConnectCareers Terms and Conditions

12.  ConnectCareers reserves the right to deny or remove your access to ConnectCareers Profiles for what it determines in its absolute discretion to be improper or incorrect use.

Last Updated February 2019 - Any enquires relating to these T&C's should be directed to connect@connectcareers.com.au