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Please read this agreement carefully before accessing or using the information and services available through CONNECTCAREERS website (the “SITE”). By accessing or using the Site, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions below. In addition to these trial T&C’s, CONNECTCAREERS also has a defined Product Disclosure and Liability Statement and Product Terms of Use for your review.


The following definitions are used in this trial agreement and may be used elsewhere across other Terms & Conditions.

  • "We, Us or "Our" means ConnectCareers PTY LTD, an Australian Propriety Limited company.
    "You" or "Your" means the company or other legal entity for which you are accepting this Agreement on behalf of. "Your Data" means all electronic data or information submitted by You to the Services being trialled. 

  • "Services" means the online, Web-based applications and platform provided by Us via https://www.connectcareers.com.au
  • "Users" means individuals who are authorised by You to use the Services, for whom Trial access has been arranged. Users may include but are not limited to Your employees, consultants, contractors and agents; 

Trial Agreement

We will make one or more services available to You on a trial basis free of charge until the earlier of:

  • The end of the free trial period - 28 days 
  • The commencement of the paid access period which will start at the conclusion of the free trial period (or as per the engagement proposal) and commence from the 1stof the following month
  • the start date of any services purchased by You

Term of Agreement

This trial agreement commences on the date You accept as and continues until the earlier of:

(a) Your purchase of services or 

(b) Billing commences at the conclusion of the 28 day trial period as per this trial agreement document (or as per a specific engagement proposal) provided to You and as agreed by You or

(c) Conclusion of the 28 day free trial period and/or as agreed to between You and/by Us

Users and Access

  • You are permitted to grant access to as many relevant Users that is appropriate for You to conduct Your business and/or to evaluate the effectiveness of the services being made available.
  • By granting access to as many Users as You deem appropriate during the free trial period,on conclusion of the free trial period, these Users will continue to have access (unless otherwise removed by You or requested by You of Us) and will be invoiced at the applicable rate as part of the paid access period.

Licence to use content 

(a) You grant us a non-exclusive, irrevocable, personal and royalty free licence to use your brand name, business name, trade marks. marks or logos for our marketing and related purposes including communications with investors and prospective investors; and 

(b) After posting ends, you consent to us continuing to use the job posting details, related content information on a royalty free and perpetual basis (and all Intellectual Property Rights contained therein) for our marketing or promotional purposes. 

Paid Access and Billing

Access to ConnectCareers will commence on a paid basis on conclusion of the free trial period - 28 days and as at the start on the 1st of the following month as outlined in this trial agreement document (or as per a specific engagement proposal) agreed by You.

The mechanism for paid access will consist of:

  • Billing on monthly cycles (commencing the 1stof every month) via automatic direct debit using Go Cardless - gocardless.com/en-au/
  • Monthly invoices will be issued for period in arrears no later than the 4thbusiness day of the next month based on the number of consultants accessing the platform for that month
  • Payment terms are strictly 7 days from date of invoice
  • Paid access continues month by month (no lock in contract - 30 days’ notice for conclusion)
  • Quarterly Performance Reviews will be arranged to ensure full accountability and performance tracking


All other governing conditions with using ConnectCareers can be found via the following policies:

  1. Product Disclosure and Liability Statement
  2. Product Terms of Use

Last Updated March 2019 - Any enquires relating to these T&C's should be directed to connect@connectcareers.com.au